Price : $119
  • Size :  Ribs length 47cm
  • silk100% made in Japan
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Product Description

It is one very luxurious parasol which treated a dancers fan using the gilt thread to the base of the spotted pattern of the emerald green to hark back to the sea which cleared up here and there.

A gorgeous dancers fan using an orange and the red gilt thread shines in a refreshing color of the emerald green and is finished in a very younger feeling.

Of course it is the UV cut parasol which ultraviolet rays measures are enough for.

Small-sized folding fans are popular to see it by trains well but a large-sized folding fans are just fresh in contrast with it recently.When in a train,it is support you.

Of course I think it to be that you are familiar with scenery because it is a color to harmonize naturally even if you go out.In addition It change quickly to the UV cutting item at such time.

The handle is natural plain wood and the bone is silver.

The fabric is Japanese-made 100% silk.
It is finished with Ultra-violet blocking spray.