Shipping & Payment

Name Neitakk Co., Ltd.
Address 1-11-2, NODACHO, KISHIWADA, 596-0076, OSAKA, JAPAN
Phone +81-72-422-3965
Email hana.form@neitakk.biz

Please use this form for product and other inquiries.

Notation regarding the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Same as the above company outline
How to Order
Please use an order form in each product page.


Please note that we can’t take an order depending on the stock status.

Shipping Method

We will ship via EMS(Express Mail Service).

Please check if the country you live handles EMS by yourself.
Unfortunately, we can’t ship an item to countries which don’t handle EMS.

Payment Method
Please pay for the item and EMS shipping charge with Paypal after you place an order.
Price of Goods
The price of goods is shown on each product page.
Charge in addition to price of the product
EMS shipping cost (shown on the below chart) will be charged in addition to the price of the product.


Please make sure the correct EMS charge based on the area you live and number of the items you purchase.

It will take longer to process the order in case where shipping cost is short.

Please note that tax will not be charged to the item, but customs and tax may be imposed depending on the amount of payment or the country you’re located.

In that case, please pay customs and tax when you receive the product.
If additional import procedure is required, please go through it on your end.

Term of Payment
We will cancel the order if payment is not made 1 week after the order placed.

We will ship the product within 3 business days excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, after we
confirm the payment.

We will let you know when the product is shipped via email. It will take 3 to 10 days until the
product is delivered to you depending on the area you’re located.

returns / exchanges

We make assurance doubly sure on the quality, but the fabric which was worn as KIMONO may have reasonable deterioration, stain or wrinkles. Please acknowledge the product condition by looking at the photos before you place an order.

Please note that we do not accept product returns or exchanges.

Shipping Charge for 1 to 2 item(s) of shirt, bag or parasol

Please contact us about shipping cost which varies based on weight in case of purchasing 3
and more items.

  Asia Oceania, North & Central America,
Middle East
Europe South America, Africa
Shipping cost for 1 item of shirt/bag 15USD 21USD 24USD 27USD
Shipping cost for 2 items of shirt/bag 24USD 33USD 36USD 49USD
Shipping cost for 1 item of parasol/jacket 16USD 23USD 26USD 30USD
Shipping cost for 2 items of parasol/jacket 27USD 37USD 41USD 57USD