HANA-no-Shirts’ are KIMONO shirts.

‘HANA’ in HANA-no-Shirts’ means flower as well as gorgeousness in Japanese.

‘Flower Shirts’ are Neitakk’s original KIMONO shirts.
As all of our products remade of real KIMONO or OBI (sash) fabric, most of which is 100% silk except embroidery thread.
Each of our products is made in a careful manner, in order to make the most of the appearance.
Kimono Shirts are designed and hand-made with maximizing Kimono’s quaint Japanese flavor pattern.

All ‘Flower Shirts’ including jackets are one of a kind, so please place an order before they will be sold out.
Please check our website for new Kimono shirts and Kimono jackets as we upload as soon as they are finished.

Real Kimono and Obi are undone to a roll of fabric, are washed and any damaged parts on the fabric are removed before Kimono shirts and Kimono jackets are made with special care. Due to the features of remade Kimono shirts, please note that they may have slight wrinkles and or stains. Please check the product carefully on the photos on the website before placing an order.

Please take a look at Neitakk’s original order-made shirts, ‘KAZE-no-Shirts’too.