Men’s jacket series is now on sale. This is new product line of NEITAKK’s Kimono Sharts.

All of our jackets are designed and hand-made in order to represent the beauty of Japanese patterns of Kimono or Obi(sash) in the same way as Kinmono Sharts.Most of the fabric is 100% silk, and each shirt is made carefully to match Japanese flavor patterns.You won’t get bored with Neitakk’s Kimono jackets which are designed to make the most of traditional Japanese patterns and are paid close attention to detail.

Please enjoy colorful Japanese flavor men’s jacket.

These products use authentic fabric for Kimono or Obi (sash) , but this fabric is narrower compared to cloth used for western clothing wear.
For this reason, in comparison to regular products, there may be several seams.
Also, for the same reason, please be warned in advance that there may be sections where the prints switch over and patterns along the seams do not match.