How to care for shirts

Caution for wearing

All items in ‘HANA-NO Shirts’ series are made with Kimono or Obi (sash) fabric, and most of which is 100% silk.
Please be careful with sweat and ultraviolet to which silk is sensitive.


Dry-clean (soapless washing) for HANANO-Shirts made of silk.

For a shirt with gold thread and/or embroidery, we recommend dry-clean by a specialist. Please consult with a cleaner for dry cleaning.

The following is how to wash in cold water with less damaging if you prefer to wash it by yourself. Stains will be removed well, but please wash it at your own risk since it may damage the fabric.

The advantage of washing in water is that sweat and protein stain can be removed well and you won’t smell annoying dry-cleaning solvent. Your effort in caring will bring comfortable wearing.
On the other hand, rubbing during washing may damage colors of the fabric and a home-use iron may leave some wrinkles.