Price : $330
  • Size :  M (lady's)
    Length  59cm
    Shoulder Width  38cm
    Sleeve Length  78cm
    Chest 93cm
    Waist 77cm
  • silk100% (except embroidery thread) made in Japan
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Product Description

This is lady’s KIMONO jacket of vivid red pure silk satin embroiderd with luxury gold thread .

Design motif is Poenix(fushicyo) and base hexagonal pattern are well used in KIMONO of aristoracy.

And we make sure this jaket fulfill wishes of All of lady be beautiful foever.

This jacket is made by the whole of OBI. We can rarely see these jackets made by only KIMONO in JAPAN too.

This jacket have traditional crafstmanship and modern design taste.

We recommend this KIMONO jacket as real new-style jacket.