Price : $248
  • Size :  L(Men's)
    Length  72cm
    Shoulder Width  46cm
    Sleeve Length 88.5cm
    Chest 115cm
    Waist 105cm
  • 100% Silk
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Product Description

Japanese-style shirt in vivid vermilion color.
The silk satin fabric has interlocking circles called SHIPPO-TSUNAGI in which circles are linked with sliding quarterly and the center of circles are white out by tie-dying.
The delicate shell buttons matched with the white-out parts balance the entire shirt.
The silk liner with Japanese patterns used on the back of yoke collar and cuffs improves the design.

There are no western clothes in vermilion as vivid as this.
If you like the color don’t miss this item! You can wear it as a Japanese-style aloha shirt.