Price : $248
  • Size :  L(Men's)
    Length  72cm
    Shoulder Width  52cm
    Sleeve Length 87cm
    Chest/Waist  114cm
  • 100% Silk
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Product Description

This shirt is made of red pearskin finish jacquard with mandarin orange all over the fabric.

The fabric is of exquisite workmanship with mandarin orange patterns with deep blurring and the flower outlines are made in jacquard.
The motif of mandarin orange which is often used for family emblem is distinctive design of Japanese pattern and the feature of KIMONO is utilized to remake it as a shirt.
You can enjoy the chic feel with the subdued red in the whole tone.
You wont get tired of wearing this item which is elaborated with three-colored floral patterns drawn on back of yoke and cuffs.