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Price : $178
  • Size :  L(Men's)
    Length   72cm
    Shoulder Width   46cm
    Sleeve Length  88.5cm
    Chest  115cm
    Waist 105cm
  • 100% Silk
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Product Description

This is a Japanese-style aloha shirt with motif of Japanese traditional plover pattern.

Each plover varies with gradation, wave, tie-dye and color change, which makes the patterns exquisite.

The patters fit well in a Japanese style aloha shirt, and the fabric of AKIHA boarder with 1 centimeter pitch gives airiness.

The boarder pattern represents speed of plovers flying away, and it has a feature of an aloha shirt which is required coolness.

Two KIMONO are used for this shirt: The same color jacquard with fans printed is used for the sleeves, the yoke and the collar.
Thus, this is a very unique aloha shirt with Japanese patterns which was put extra work and cost.

Not coconut buttons, but engraved shell buttons are used to enhance the originality.

Why don’t you add this piece which has cool texture to your aloha shirt collection?

Please note that this item is unused, but it has a small streaky stain on the back and a rub at the bottom of central front. Also there are 2 spots of approximately 2 millimeter broken thread.
We apologize in advance for them, but please be forewarned before you place an order.